Thursday, January 23, 2020

New Work by Linelle LeMoine

Six spectacular, organic beauties on panel have arrived from the studio of Linelle LeMoine.

522-101 | Linelle LeMoineSeason of Odd Mystery, mixed media on panel, 36"x60". $2600

522-102 | Linelle LeMoineGlimpse Through a Fall Wind, mixed media on panel, 36"x60". $2600

522-103 | Linelle LeMoineHeavenly Skies of January, mixed media on panel,36"x48". $2100

522-104 | Linelle LeMoineHeavenly Skies of January #2, mixed media on panel,36"x48". $2100

522-105 | Linelle LeMoineSeason Before Persephone's Descent, mixed media on panel, 36"x60". $2600

522-106 | Linelle LeMoineFor the Love of All Seasons, mixed media on panel, 48"x60". $3500
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