Saturday, January 11, 2020

Artwork: How to Try Before you Buy

At Canvas Gallery we want to make sure that you have a comfortable experience finding the perfect piece(s) for your space. We can help with scale as well as strategies to take elements of your artwork and tie it in to your decor. In the end of course, you still need to find art that you love and speaks to you personally, but how do you know if the artwork in the gallery will look great in your home?

We offer an approval process where we insist that you take the artwork home to try out in your space for 24-48 hours, enough time to get a feel for the works and see them in different lighting (day vs. night). If you're out of town and not able to take the works with you, we're happy to take detail shots as well as do digital mock-ups of the artwork right on to your wall.

Superimposing artwork on to your wall is a great option to narrow down scale, and we offer the service complimentary, either remotely or while you're browsing the gallery in person. All we require are some photos and measurements of your space which you can email us directly from your home, office or phone.

To help us create the best digital representation possible:

1. Stand back and try to get a bit of the room in the photo rather than just a close up of a blank wall. Objects in the room such as tables, couches & mantels will help give us a better sense of scale.

2. Photos with good lighting, either natural or artificial, always work best.

3. For even more accuracy, please provide us with a measurement of the space. For example, if the artwork is handing above a mantel or couch, you can provide those measurements. If there is a dining table in front of the wall, we can work with that scale. If the wall is blank with no furnishings, the ceiling height and wall width would be helpful. If you know the size of the artwork you’d like to try, you can even mark off the wall with a bit of tape or post-it notes to the size.

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