Thursday, August 16, 2018

New Work by Deb Gibson

Wow! These long awaited landscapes by Deb Gibson are in, beautifully framed and they're spectacular.

294-103 | Deb GibsonLittle Trout Lake II, oil on canvas 30"x30". $ 1800   framed

294-104 | Deb GibsonRalph Bice Lake I, oil on canvas 46.5"x53.5". $4600  framed 

294-105 | Deb GibsonRalph Bice Lake II, oil on canvas 31"x45". $2600 framed *Currently on hold, please inquire

294-102 | Deb GibsonLittle Trout Lake I, oil on canvas 30"x30". $1800  framed

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Welcoming Artist Andrea Soos

We're excited to introduce Victoria, BC artist Andrea Soos & her beautiful, large-scale mixed media canvases.

139-001 | Andrea SoosThis Heart of Mine, mixed media on canvas 52"x65". $3100

546-003 | Andrea SoosThis Way, mixed media on canvas 65"x52". $3100

546-004 | Andrea SoosWalking a Fine Line, mixed media on canvas 42"x52". $2300

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New Work by Dana Cowie

Fun lake adventures in this two textural beauties that just arrived from Dana Cowie.

438-040 | Dana Cowie, Figures in Water, oil on canvas, 36"x48". $2000

438-041 | Dana Cowie, Dock Jump, oil on canvas, 
36"x48". $2000

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New Work by Ian Varney

We love the spectacular colours in Ian Varney's latest mixed media landscapes.

391-187 | Ian Varney, Squiggle Coast #25, mixed media on panel, 36"x60". $3400

391-189 | Ian Varney, Irish Spring, oil on canvas, 24"x56.5". $2200

391-188 | Ian Varney, Dive In, mixed media on panel, 40"x52". $3400

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

New Work by Meredith Bingham

Two energetic abstracts are in from the studio of Meredith Bingham. Loving the punch of colour in this new series!

252-214 | Meredith BinghamDesire, acrylic on canvas, 
48"x72". $4150

252-215 | Meredith BinghamEverlast, acrylic on canvas, 
40"x50". $2800

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New Work by Taralee Guild

Two of Taralee Guild's awesome, photorealistic airstreams have just arrived from Vancouver, Yes, those are actually acrylic paintings!

481-021 | Taralee GuildCorner Airstream, Pismo Beach, acrylic on canvas, 42"x54". $3500

481-022 | Taralee GuildBoris in the Green, acrylic on canvas, 42"x54". $3500
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Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Work by Megan D'Arcy

Ooh la la.. three of Megan D'Arcy's resin-coated mixed media photography panels are fresh in - two from her Paris series, as well as one from her London series.

445-056 | Megan D'ArcyReflected in Black & White (London), mixed media on panel, 24"x36". $1200

445-054 | Megan D'ArcyThe Louvre in the Seine, mixed media on panel, 24"x24". $800

445-055 | Megan D'ArcyThe Louvre in the Fog, mixed media on panel, 20"x20". $600

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New Work by Sheila Davis

Sheila Davis just brought us these four vibrant landscapes on panel.

350-254 | Sheila Davis, Walk Against the Wind, oil on panel, 36"x36". $2200

350-251| Sheila Davis, Freedom to Fly, oil on panel, 48"x48". $3600

350-2452 | Sheila Davis, Touching Faith, oil on panel, 42"x42". $2800

350-253 | Sheila Davis, Where Dreams Meet, oil on panel, 36"x48". $2800

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Monday, July 30, 2018

New Work by Galen Felde

Four sun-shimmering landscapes have arrived from Vancouver artist Galen Felde.

407-029 | Galen FeldeElemental, acrylic on panel, 60"x36". $3950

407-030 | Galen Felde, Elemental No. 2, acrylic on panel, 60"x36". $3950

407-031 | Galen Felde, Sleepwalker No. 3, acrylic on panel, 36"x60". $3950

407-032 | Galen Felde, Tale of Kindreds: Dream Cache, acrylic on panel, 36"x60". $3950

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Friday, July 27, 2018

New Work by Heather Millar

Fresh from Prince Edward Island, 7 amazing oil paintings from Heather Millar's vintage toy series.

421-154 | Heather Millar'Lil Buddies,oil on canvas, 24"x24". $1100

421-151 | Heather MillarBully,oil on canvas, 40"x40". $2700

421-150 | Heather MillarGet 'Em Boys!'oil on canvas, 40"x40". $2700

421-152 | Heather MillarParade Day,oil on canvas, 40"x40". $2700

421-153 | Heather Millar'Lil Bully,oil on canvas, 24"x24". $1100

421-155 | Heather Millar'Wee Scottie (study),gouache on paper, 10"x10". 

421-155 | Heather Millar'Lil Buddies (study)gouache on paper, 10"x10". 

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Welcoming artist Ivano Stocco

We're exited to be carrying the gorgeous urban & figurative works of Guelph artist Ivano Stocco.

545-004 | Ivano Stocco, Water Under the Bridge, mixed media on panel, 12"x40". $1100

545-002 | Ivano Stocco, Together (No. 1), acrylic on panel, 20"x30". $1100

545-003 | Ivano Stocco, Together (No. 16), acrylic on panel, 30"x40". $1800

545-001 | Ivano Stocco, In the Groove, oil on panel, 24"x30". $1200

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Work by Roz Hermant

Happy Summer days with this sparkling new floral mixed media photography piece from Roz Hermant. It's difficult to capture in photographs, but it really sparkles! 

"Seaflower" 30" x 30" $1600 framed

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Friday, July 20, 2018

New Work by Kari Serrao

A fun, encaustic portrait of a regal rabbit was dropped off this morning by Kari Serrao.

"The Armoured Knight" encaustic on panel, 40" x 30" $1200

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

New Work by Kaitlin Johnson

A fresh bouquet of Kaitlin Johnson's graphic florals on canvas have just arrived.

541-032 | Kaitlin JohnsonDancing Free acrylic on canvas, 40"x40". $1600

541-033 | Kaitlin JohnsonMint Berry Pie, acrylic on canvas, 36"x48". $1700

541-034 | Kaitlin JohnsonA Touch of Spring, acrylic on canvas, 30"x30". $900

541-035 | Kaitlin JohnsonFalling Through Stars, acrylic on canvas, 45"x50". $2250

541-036 | Kaitlin Johnson, Carousal, acrylic on canvas, 36"x60". $2150

541-037 | Kaitlin JohnsonPrism, acrylic on canvas, 36"x72". $2600

541-038 | Kaitlin JohnsonIced Ochre acrylic on canvas, 36"x48". $1700

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New Work from Annette Kraft van Ermel

Three fun pieces just flew in from Annette Kraft van Ermel.

319-200 | Annette Kraft van ErmelOn Fire, mixed media on panel, 12"x12". $300

319-202 | Annette Kraft van ErmelAttached, mixed media on panel, 12"x12". $300

319-201 | Annette Kraft van ErmelOrange Crested, mixed media on panel, 12"x12". $300

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