Monday, June 1, 2015

Mylar Masterpieces from Elsha Leventis

We love these oil on mylar works recently dropped off by Elsha Leventis.

112-090 Elsha Leventis "A Creative Outlook" oil on mylar, 28" x 28" $900 unframed

112-091 Elsha Leventis "SEeing Flashes of Light" oil on mylar, 36" x 36" $1500 unframed

112-092Elsha Leventis "A Sophisticated Point of View" oil on mylar, 24" x 24" $750 unframed

112-093 Elsha Leventis "A Small Perspective II" oil on mylar, 18" x 18" $450 unframed

112-094 Elsha Leventis "Looking Mesmerized" oil on mylar, 16" x 16" $375 unframed

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