Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gorgeous Pics of Our Artists' Work on Buying & Selling

A segment of this special episode of Property Brothers: Buying & Selling was actually filmed in Canvas Gallery back in November. Here are some of the pieces that ended up going on display in Francis & Jaunita's freshly renovated home.

407-019 | Galen Felde, Anthesis: Trajectory, acrylic on panel, 24"x60". $3100
471-013 | Suzanne ErnstButterfly, mm on panel, 42"x42". $2600
289-312 | Steven NederveenBecoming the Land 2, mixed media on panel, 24"x24". $2500

263-206 | Susan WallisAutumn's Musings, encaustic on panel, 24"x60". SOLD

Francis & Juanita choosing artwork inside of Canvas Gallery

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