Monday, April 1, 2013

Wonderful & Whimsy Portraits from Kate Domina

We love these fun new portraits recently dropped off by OCAD graduate Kate Domina.

362-157 Kate Domina, "Across the Great Divide", oil on canvas, 30"x40", $1500 unframed

362-158 Kate Domina, "Life is a Carnival", oil on canvas, 36"x36", $1550 unframed

362-160 Kate Domina, "When You Awake", oil on canvas, 33"x34", $1250 unframed

362-159 Kate Domina, "Evangeline", oil on canvas, 24"x36", $1050 unframed

362-162 Kate Domina, "The Great Pretender", oil on canvas, 20"x47", $1100 unframed

362-161 Kate Domina, "Who Do You Love", oil on canvas, 14"x18", $480 unframed
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