Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bold and Expressive Oils from Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan just dropped off the latest of his energetic landscapes and well as a bold new abstract.

385-189 Dan Ryan, "Bewitched", oil on panel, 24"x48",$1700 unframed

385-188 Dan Ryan, "Winter Woodlot #1", oil on panel, 12"x12",$375 unframed

385-187 Dan Ryan, "After the Storm III", oil on panel, 12"x12",$375 unframed

385-190 Dan Ryan, "The Other Side of Midnight", oil on panel, 48"x48",$3600 unframed

385-191  Dan Ryan, "The Mulmer Ridge", oil on panel, 48"x36",$2500 unframed

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