Wednesday, November 29, 2023

New Works by Marina Nazarova

 Marina Nazarova just dropped off some more of her exquisite painted women. 

542-048 Marina Nazarova, "Lady in Black Dress with Green Line," 40"x 40", $2700, unframed.

542-047 Marina Nazarova, "Lady in Flowery Blouse," 31.5"x 35.5", $2200, unframed.

542-045 Marina Nazarova, "Lady with White Har Band," 12"x 12", $375, unframed.

542-044 Marina Nazarova, "Lady in Black Turtleneck," 12"x 12", $375, unframed.

542-046 Marina Nazarova, "Lady in a Lime Green Polkadot Blouse," 12"x 12", $375, unframed.

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