Saturday, March 23, 2019

New Work by Annette Kraft van Ermel

Happy Spring with these beautiful encaustic insects dropped off this week by Annette Kraft van Ermel.

319-211 | Annette Kraft van ErmelConstant Change I, mixed media on panel, 12"x48". $1000

319-212 | Annette Kraft van ErmelConstant Change II, mixed media on panel, 12"x48". $1000
319-214 | Annette Kraft van ErmelCopper Storm #1, mixed media on panel, 12"x12". $335

319-215 | Annette Kraft van ErmelElegant Edges II, mixed media on panel, 12"x36". $880

319-216 | Annette Kraft van ErmelTasting the Sky, mixed media on panel, 12"x36". $880

319-217 | Annette Kraft van ErmelWill Always Remember You, mixed media on panel, 12"x12". $335

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