Friday, January 25, 2019

New Work by Maca Suazo

Loving these 8 sweet little stories on canvas & panel that just arrived from Chilean born artist Maca Suazo.

448-085 | Maca Suazo, Best Friends, mixed media on panel,
6"x6". $130

448-086 | Maca Suazo, For Whatever One Sows, One Shall Reap, mixed media on panel,
4"x6". $120

448-087 | Maca Suazo, Mary Olive's Poem I, mixed media on panel,
4"x4". $100

448-088 | Maca Suazo, Mary Olive's Poem II, mixed media on panel,
4"x4". $100

448-089 | Maca Suazo, Do What Makes Your Heart Sing, mixed media on panel,
6"x4". $120

448-090 | Maca Suazo, Afraid No Longer, mixed media on canvas,
12"x12". $300

448-091 | Maca Suazo, Singer, mixed media on panel,
10"x10". $250

448-092 | Maca Suazo, Seeds of Change, mixed media on panel,
10"x12". $275

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