Monday, May 7, 2018

New Work by Nina Cherney

Eight beautiful, intense acrylics are in from Montreal artist Nina Cherney.

475-080 | Nina CherneyStill Life I, acrylic on canvas, 
48x48". $3700 framed

475-081 | Nina CherneyNature's Bounty, acrylic on canvas, 
48x48". $3700 framed

475-082 | Nina CherneyStay the Course, acrylic on canvas, 
40x72". $3950 unframed

475-083| Nina CherneyWhen the Sun Breaks Through, acrylic on canvas, 
48x30". $2700 unframed

475-084| Nina CherneyAt the Altar, acrylic on canvas, 
40x60". $3500 unframed

475-085 | Nina CherneyFull of Promise, Revisited, acrylic on canvas, 
36x48". $3000 unframed

475-086 | Nina CherneyHumbled, acrylic on canvas, 
36x 72". $3900 unframed

475-087 | Nina CherneyLast Days of Summer II, acrylic on canvas, 
40x60". $3500 unframed

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