Saturday, April 7, 2018

Some Beautiful Smalls by Geoff Farnsworth

Along with his large scale pieces, Geoff Farnsworth also has some gorgeous mini portraits available at our ROAD TRIP show currently at Infiniti Downtown now through April 19th. You're welcome to drop by to see them in person, along with the rest of the fabulous works on display.

245-132 | Geoff Farnsworth, Sky in Shutta Shadez,
oil on panel, 10"x10". $750

245-139 | Geoff Farnsworth, Kathleen (Space Kat),
oil on panel, 4"x4". $400

245-141 | Geoff Farnsworth, Study in Red & Green (Rose),
oil on panel, 14"x11". $900

245-142 | Geoff Farnsworth, Man on Tartan Lucidity Trip,
oil on panel, 12"x9". $750

245-143 | Geoff Farnsworth, Impression of a Redhead with Hands in Front of Face,
oil on canvas, 20"x16". $1500

245-144 | Geoff Farnsworth, A Beautiful Heart,
oil on panel, 20"x16". $1500

245-145 | Geoff Farnsworth, A Gentle Breeze,
oil on panel, 14" x 11". $900

245-133 | Geoff Farnsworth, Study of a Girl with Violin,
oil on panel, 14"x11". $900

245-140 | Geoff Farnsworth, Man with Striped Shadow Side (Avery),
oil on panel, 14"x11". $900

245-136 | Geoff Farnsworth, Nowegian Girl in Archipelago,
oil on panel, 12" x 9". $750

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