Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Work by Ian Varney

Five mixed media landscapes on panel are fresh in from the Haliburton studio of Ian Varney.

391-179 | Ian Varney, Squiggle Coast 6A, encaustic on panel, 40"x40". $2900

391-176 | Ian Varney, Squiggle Coast 6B, encaustic on panel, 40"x40". $2900

The pieces also work as a diptych

391-177 | Ian Varney, Squiggle Coast #1, encaustic on panel, 48"x36". $2900

391-178 | Ian Varney, Squiggle Coast 4A, encaustic on panel, 36"x46". $2900

391-178 | Ian Varney, Squiggle Coast 4B, encaustic on panel, 36"x46". $2900

The pieces also work as a diptych

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