Saturday, March 18, 2017

One of our clients sent us this awesome photo comparison of the artwork we superimposed into their space (top) versus how the artwork looked when they took it home and hung it on their wall (bottom). They ended up keeping both the Susan Gale & Linelle LeMoine pieces, and the digital mock-ups helped to narrow down their selections. You're always welcome to either email or bring in digital photos of your space if you're searching for the perfect piece and want to get a visual before you take it home to try. Email us at for more information, and visit for a full catalogue of our works.

460-099 | Susan Gale, The Heart of Summer, acrylic on panel, 36"x36". SOLD

522-043 | Linelle LeMoineBlue's Revival, mixed media on panel, 36"x60". SOLD

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