Friday, November 18, 2016

New Work by Kim Rempel

Kim Rempel came by with 13 of  her intensely colourful abstracts and sweet, small still life pieces.

517-028 | Kim Rempel, Coming & Going, acrylic on panel,
48"x36". $1500

517-029| Kim Rempel, The Sweet Life, acrylic on canvas,
30"x40". $1350

517-031| Kim Rempel, Sun Through Rain, acrylic on canvas,
30"x40". $1350

517-032| Kim Rempel, Round and Round, acrylic on canvas,
36"x36". $1400

517-033| Kim Rempel, Rise, acrylic on canvas,
30"x30". $1200

517-034| Kim Rempel, Take a Bow, acrylic on canvas,
12"x12". $250

517-035| Kim Rempel, The Breath Theif, acrylic on canvas,
16"x20". $560

517-036| Kim Rempel, It's All So Romantic, acrylic on canvas,
14"x18". $455

517-037| Kim Rempel, Peppers & Mug, oil on canvas board,
12"x12". $100

517-038| Kim Rempel, Opening, oil on canvas board,
12"x12". $100

517-039| Kim Rempel, Cheery Blooms, oil on canvas board,
12"x12". $100

517-040| Kim Rempel, Little Butter Tart, oil on canvas board,
12"x12". $100

517-030| Kim Rempel, Showtime, acrylic on canvas,
30" x 40". $1350

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