Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stunning New Landscapes from Sheila Davis

Shelia Davis dropped by this week with 7 vibrant new landscapes.

Sheila Davis, "Seek for the Way", oil on panel, 36"x36", $1950 unframed

Sheila Davis, "A Heated Conversation", oil on panel, 36"x60", $3200 unframed

Sheila Davis, "Toward the Golden Day", oil on panel, 30"x60", $2700 unframed

Sheila Davis, "Feather Lite", oil on panel, 24"x24", $850 unframed

Sheila Davis, "Evening of Grace", oil on panel, 42"x42", $2700 unframe

Sheila Davis, "Cool Dew", oil on panel, 20"x20", $675 unframed

Sheila Davis, "Rangers Point", oil on panel, 24"x24", $850 unframed

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