Thursday, October 1, 2015

Digitally Try Before You Buy

Over the past few years, we've been utilizing our Photoshop skills for clients both visiting the gallery and from home by superimposing artwork into their spaces. It can be a very helpful tool when considering several pieces for a space, as well as for our clients out of town who are unable to take the art home on approval.

Below we've attached a few samples of artwork superimposed on to the walls of our clients. If you can provide  us with a measurement of the wall, couch, bed, mantel, etc. or even tape off the size of the artwork you'd like to see, we can scale the images even more accurately.

Please feel free to inquire with us via email ( or in person if you're interested in this service. There's no cost, and it's something we'd be happy to do to help you select the perfect piece(s) for your home, office or any space that could use a beautiful piece of artwork.

Artwork by Shane Norrie

Artwork by Andrea Ross & Sheila Davis

Artwork by Sherry Czekus
Artwork by Meredith Bingham

Sample of client's wall taped off for accuracy.

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