Thursday, April 16, 2015

Looking Good: Artwork on The Expandables

We're excited about some of our artists gorgeous pieces being featured on this season of HGTV's series "The Expandables".

195-040 | Michael BrownGreyscape 1, mm on panel,
13"x10". $325

330-126 | Sarah MartinSoaking in the Winter Rays, mixed media on panel, 15"x20". $500

195-044 | Michael BrownTeotihuacan, mm on panel, 28"x40". $1500

480-035 | Eryn O'Neill, Interior, oil on canvas, 20"x16". SOLD

Rory O’Kelly 242-092 Then I look at You and the World’s Alright Again” oil on canvas, 40” x 40”  SOLD

407-019 | Galen Felde, Anthesis: Trajectory, acrylic on panel, 24"x60". $3100

227-078 | Elle Fitale, New Moon Variety, acrylic on canvas, 11"x14". $375

411-016 | Erin CatharineAqua Blue Sea, Oil and resin on panel, 36"x60". $2800
tags: abstract, dots, mint, resin

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