Monday, March 30, 2015

Bright, Layered Paintings by Shane Norrie

Shane Norrie is bringing us 18 fantastic new sculptural paintings & landscapes! A little advanced warning, as we don't anticipate they will last long.

20x20 Red Tree Series #1
12x12 Landscape Study #12

12x12 Landscape Study #11

12x12 Landscape Study #13

12x12 Landscape Study #14

20x20 Red Tree Series #2

20x20 Red Tree Series 3

24x24 Red Tree Series #6

24x24 Winter Blooms #2

24x24 Winter Blooms #1

30x30 Autumn Blizzard

30x40 Early Summer-Dolan Trail

30x60 Edge of the forest

36x36 Red Tree Series #4

36x36 Red Tree Series #5

36x72 High Tide

40x40 Return to the Woods

40x60 Summer Coastline

To view more works by Shane Norrie as well as our other artists, please visit

1 comment:

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