Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fun Encaustics by Susan Wallis

We have some beautiful, textured encaustic panels that were just dropped off by Susan Wallis.

263-215 | Susan Wallis, Sanctuary, encaustic on panel, 23"x23". $1500 framed

263-214 | Susan Wallis,
Study for Autumn's Red,

encaustic on panel, 8"x24".
$765 framed

263-216 | Susan Wallis, Sunnyside Up 1, encaustic on panel, 8"x8". $300 framed

263-217 | Susan Wallis, Sunnyside Up 2, encaustic on panel, 8"x8". $300 framed 

To view more works by Susan Wallis as well as our ther artists, please visit

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