Friday, October 4, 2013

Welcoming New Artist Aleksandra Rdest

Canvas Gallery is excited to welcome Toronto artist Aleksandra Rdest.

Aleksandra's fascination with lichen, mosses and succulents; has become central to her artistic practice. Their tiny complex forms are fractal analogs of life on a larger scale. This makes lichen an intriguing metaphor for wilderness. Through her work, she is seeking to draw attention to the increased fragmentation of natural environments.

499-001 | Aleksandra Rdest, Laundry in the Late Day Light, acrylic on canvas,
40"x48". $3300

499-002 | Aleksandra Rdest, Haworthia, mixed media on canvas,
24"x20". $1200

499-003 | Aleksandra Rdest, Northern Succulents, mixed media on canvas,
24"x24". $1300

499-004 | Aleksandra Rdest, Northern Succulents #2, mixed media on canvas,
24"x24". $1300

499-005 | Aleksandra Rdest, Foxtail, mixed media on canvas,
14"x12". $700

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