Friday, September 13, 2013

10 Years of Gorgeous Works by Nancy De Boni

We just received some stunning new works by Toronto artist Nancy De Boni, and we congratulate her for all of her success at Canvas Gallery over the years. She's been showcasing with us since the very beginning.

"Painting in oil, my work addresses the impressions we witness and the traces we leave behind.

Hinged on realism, the goal is to invoke a familiar narrative that the viewer may recognize.

Similar interior landscapes exist for us all." - Nancy De Boni

170-141 Nancy De Boni, "Into the Back Alley", oil on canvas, 41" x 36", $2300 unframed

170-142 Nancy De Boni, "The Elder", oil on canvas, 44" x 52", $3500 unframed

170-143 Nancy De Boni, "In France", oil on canvas, 44"x52", $3500 unframed

170-144 Nancy De Boni, "Next Door", oil on canvas, 44"x52", $3500 unframed

170-145 Nancy De Boni, "Seven", oil on canvas, 44"x52", $3500 unframed

170-146 Nancy De Boni, "Pose", oil on canvas, 48"x48", $3500 unframed

170-147 Nancy De Boni, "Big Pink", oil on canvas, 60"x48", $4500 nframed

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