Friday, August 30, 2013

Canvas Gallery Welcomes Artist Kendra Gadzala

We're excited to have a new talent on board, Toronto artist Kendra Gadzala. Kendra is a full time professor in the Art and Design Department at Centennial College. Her work focuses on memory, childhood, and human behaviour.

497-001 | Kendra GadzalaBoy, acrylic on mylar, 11"x17". $450 framed

497-002 | Kendra GadzalaThe White Bed, acrylic on mylar, 11"x17". $450 framed

497-003 | Kendra GadzalaWinter Playground, acrylic on panel, 16"x20". $450

497-004 | Kendra GadzalaThe Fight, acrylic on panel, 24"x30". $1400

497-005 | Kendra GadzalaThe Tree in Spring, acrylic on panel,
30"x40". $2000

497-006 | Kendra GadzalaSummer Boy #1, acrylic on paper,
15"x19". $300

497-007 |
 Kendra GadzalaSummer Boy #2, acrylic on paper,
15"x17.5". $300

497-008 | Kendra GadzalaThe Fight Preparation, acrylic on panel,
24"x30". $1400

For more information on Kendra Gadzala as well as our other artists, please visit

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