Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lovely Landscapes from Sheila Davis

We just received this gorgeous new works from Sheila Davis, and are excited to have her oil panels brightening up the gallery.

350-140 Sheila Davis, "A Water's Edge", oil on panel, 48"x48", $3200 unframed

350-141 Sheila Davis, "Be With Me I", oil on panel, 36"x36", $1900 unframed

350-142 Sheila Davis, "Be With Me II", oil on panel, 36"x6", $350 unframed

350-143 Sheila Davis, "If You're Quiet", oil on panel, 40"x40", $2300 unframed

350-144 Sheila Davis, "Intonation II", oil on panel, 30"x30", $1300 unframed

350-145 Sheila Davis, "Lookin Up I", oil on panel, 16"x16", $450 unframed

350-146 Sheila Davis, "Lookin Up II", oil on panel, 16"x16", $450 unframed

350-147  Sheila Davis, "Destiny Here", oil on panel, 33"x54", $2600 unframed
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