Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dreamy New Works by Steven Nederveen

Escape in the depths of these beautiful new mixed media, resin-coated panels from the studio of Toronto artist Steven Nederveen.

289-318 Steven Nederveen Held Together by Hopes & Dreams, mixed media on panel, 12" x 72" $3500 unframed

289-318 Steven Nederveen Summer Vacation, mixed media on panel, 18" x 60" $4300 unframed

 Here are two more that we received just previously as part of the same series…

289-312 Steven Nederveen, "Becoming the Land 2", mixed media on panel, 24"x24", $2500 unframed

289-313 Steven Nederveen, "Becoming the Land 1", mixed media on panel, 24"x24", $2500 unframed

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