Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whimsical Pieces by Maca Suazo Telling Her Story..

We're always excited to receive fun new pieces from Chilean artist Maca Suazo.

448-050 Maca Suazo, "Snow Day", mixed media on panel, 36"x36", $1400 unframed

448-051 Maca Suazo, "Mexican Squash", mixed media on panel, 12"x36", $600 unframed

448-052 Maca Suazo, "Sunday Breakfast St. with Strawberry Jam", mixed media on canvas, 12"x13", $240 unframed

448-053 Maca Suazo, "Grandma's Cologne", mixed media on canvas, 8"x8", $100 unframed

448-054  Maca Suazo, "I Love to Read", mixed media on canvas, 16"x16", $400 unframed

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