Saturday, May 4, 2013

Canvas Artists Featured on Season 7 of HGTV's Income Property

Income Property was kind enough to send us some fabulous photos of all of the amazing artwork featured on their latest season, and we've been posting them as often as we can. Here are just a few, and the rest can be viewed on our Pinterest page.

411-016 | Erin Catharine, Aqua Blue Sea, Oil and resin on panel, 36"x60". $2800

445-021 | Megan D'Arcy, Rue de Courty, mixed media on panel, 30"x30". SOLD

388-072 | Brian Harvey, Red Laneway (Queen & Manning),
oil on panel, 60"x48". SOLD

472-004F | Sarah Hillock, Desmosthenes,
oil on mylar, 36"x54". $2250 framed
417-087 Peter Colbert, "One Day", acrylic on paper, 36"x72", $4050 unframed
296-244 | Emily Filler, Wild Blossoms, mixed media on canvas, 48"x48". $2500

487-001 | C Adele Gillis, Curious Howard, acrylic on panel, 36"x36". $1500

289-287 | Steven Nederveen, Sunrise Man with Horse, mixed media on panel, 30"x30". SOLD

319-101 | Annette Kraft van Ermel, Untitled Bee,
oil on panel, 12"x36". $800

348-043 | Silvana Bruni, One Phase of Sunrises; Goulais River commute,
mixed media on glass, 54"x20". $2400 framed

447-023 | Sherry Czekus, Jim, oil on canvas, 36"x60". $2600

213-119 | James Ridyard, Yellow Glow, oil on panel, 8"x12". $190

470-030 | Michael Black, Regrowth, acrylic on canvas, 30"x36". SOLD

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