Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Superimposing Art, a Great & Easy Option for Potential Art Buyers

At Canvas Gallery we like to make it as easy as possible to try before you buy. We usually insist that you take works home to see how they fit in to your space, but if you're unable to make it in, out of town, or you're having trouble narrowing selections down, an easy option is to send us photographs of your space and we can quickly and easily superimpose the art on to your wall.

To make it even easier/more accurate you can measure out the size of the piece(s) and mark your wall with tape so that we can get the work exactly to scale (see below). Also, if you're coming in to the gallery, by all means take a few pictures on your phone or digital camera before you come by, and you can email them directly to our computer so we can superimpose artwork right on the spot. It's kind of fun to watch too..

 If you'd like to try it out from home, you can scroll through our Artist Catalogue and send your wall pictures and art selections to

Happy hunting!

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