Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Amazing Artists Featured on Season 7 of Income Property!

Check out some of the artwork featured in the stunning renovations done by Scott McGillivray and his crew on the latest season of HGTV's Income Property. We couldn't squeeze them all on to the blog, but you can check out even more on Scott's Pinterest page.

289-295| Steven Nederveen, Light in the Reeds, mixed media on panel, 9"x60". SOLD

330-088 | Sarah Martin, Ski Team, mixed media on canvas, 30"x40". $1400

439-040 | Celeste Keller, Natalia, oil on canvas, 36"x48". $3000

362-139 | Kate Domina, Green Eyes, oil on canvas, 40"x60". SOLD

483 | Michael Helmer, Royal B&W, edition of 30, photography on panel with resin, 16" x 24" $400

457-037 | Angela To, Followings, mixed media on panel, 30"x42". $1700

338-115 | Gabriella Collier, The Distant Beach, acrylic on canvas, 30"x60". SOLD

342-079 | Rory O'Kelly, Why Then Does My Heart Ache, oil on canvas, 36"x36". $1950

245-089 | Geoff Farnsworth, Bubble Gun, oil on canvas, 30"x36". $2300

252-123 | Meredith Bingham, The Deep Blue, oil on canvas, 48"x60".

To view more and available works by these and other artists, please visit

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