Friday, April 26, 2013

Angie To's Piece Finds the Perfect Home!

Two of our lovely clients Eric & Kelly just purchased this stunning Angie To piece last week, and sent us this photo of it hanging above their mantel. We love how perfectly it ties in to their decor - looks right at home!

457-033 | Angela To, Undergrowth, mixed media on panel, 35"x48"

They also exchanged a note with the artist. We love getting feedback, so please feel free to share images of your artwork on your walls with us. Nothing makes artists happier than their work finding the perfect home.

"We are so thrilled with this gorgeous piece by Angie To called "Undergrowth".  It's such an intriguing work, so many layers, such vibrant completely lights up the room."  - Kelly & Eric

"Dear Eric and Kelly,

You've made my day!  It was so wonderful to open up my email this morning to find your message.  I love all of my work as I am working in  the studio and hope that each one finds the right home.  But I don't generally get to choose where the paintings go and only sometimes get feed back.  I really appreciate the photo and the words of encouragement.  It looks perfect on your wall surrounded by the other great artworks in your collection. 



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