Thursday, September 15, 2022

New Work by Shane Norrie

We love these stunning works that just arrived from Shane Norrie, including several from his latest graphic series.

"I’ve been inspired recently by my post secondary training at graphic design school in the late 90’s. I’ve been wanting to slow down a bit and return to the years of x-acto knives, french curves, masks, templates and methodical thinking. In the first year of graphic design school, we had to create all of our designs and projects by hand (no computers most of first year) using illustration board, mechanical pencils and precision knives and compasses. Something about slowly creating layered, graphic pieces like I did in the past is piquing my creative interests lately."

403-391 | Shane Norrie, Louisburg Lighthouse Trail, Cape Breton, acrylic on panel, 30”x30”. $1250

403-392 | Shane Norrie, Take Me to the Mountains, acrylic on panel, 30”x30”. $1250

403-393 | Shane Norrie, Coastline Drive, acrylic on panel, 30”x30”. $1250

403-394 | Shane Norrie, Clearing at Waterlily Pond, acrylic on panel, 40”x60” $3700

403-396 | Shane Norrie, Forest Pond, acrylic on panel, 40”x60”. $3700

403-397 | Shane Norrie, Stand Out From The Crowd, acrylic on panel, 18”x18”. $450

403-399 | Shane Norrie, Escarpment, acrylic on panel, 40”x30”. $1650

403-400 | Shane Norrie, Two Worlds, acrylic on panel, 40”x30”. $1650

403-401 | Shane Norrie, Breakwater, acrylic on panel, 36”x60”. $3300

403-402 | Shane Norrie, Life Force I, acrylic on panel, 18”x18”. $450

403-398 | Shane Norrie, Quiet the Mind, acrylic on panel, 20”x20”. $550

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