Sunday, July 24, 2022

New Work by Jacques Pilon

Eight awesome new graphic abstracts on panel have just arrived from Jacques Pilon.

536-040 | Jacques Pilon, Across the Field, mixed media on panel, 48"x48". $3800

536-041 | Jacques Pilon, Beaver Damn, mixed media on panel, 20”x16”.$650

536-042 | Jacques Pilon, Lavender Fields, mixed media on panel, 16”x20”. $650

536-043 | Jacques Pilon, Soft Breeze, mixed media on panel, 16”x20” $650

536-044 | Jacques Pilon, Morocco, mixed media on panel, 40”x60”. $4000

536-045 | Jacques Pilon, Beaver Damn, mixed media on panel, 40”x60”. $4000

536-046 | Jacques Pilon, The Neglected Garden, mixed media on panel, 48”x60”. $4100

536-047 | Jacques Pilon, Niagara, mixed media on panel, 48”x48”. $3800

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