Saturday, February 27, 2021

Introducing Eric Ouimet and his beautiful Screen Prints

 Canvas Gallery is excited to welcome Manitoba artist Eric Ouimet and his bold & graphic, limited edition silkscreen prints.

Eric Ouimet was raised on a farm near the small community of Ste-Agathe in southern Manitoba, and the open sky and small town imagery is often reflected in his work. His silkscreen prints are in private collections worldwide. Eric graduated from l’Universit√© de Saint-Boniface in Communications and Multimedia (2001) and has since worked in television as an award winning motion graphics designer and has created logos/branding for a number of western Canadian companies. Screen printing was a natural fit for the graphic artist, allowing him to combine his love of design with a hands on approach.  Living on acreage just outside the city of Winnipeg with his husband, Eric's home studio is surrounded by the very things that inspire his work.

564-002 Eric Ouimet "Departures" screen print on paper,  ed. 10/12, 30" x 18" $225 unframed

564-003 Eric Ouimet "Arrivals" screen print on paper, ed. 10/12, 18" x 18" $225 unframed

564-004 Eric Ouimet "Classic Toys" screen print on paper, ed. 10/15, 30" x 18" $195 unframed

564-005 Eric Ouimet "Drift Away" screen print on paper, ed. 6/14, 30" x 18" $195 unframed

564-006 Eric Ouimet "Evening Escapes" screen print on paper, ed. 2/12, 30" x 18" $195 unframed

564-007 Eric Ouimet "Front Row Seats" screen print on paper,  ed. 15/16, 30" x 18" $195 unframed

564-008 Eric Ouimet "Home Sweet Home" screen print on paper,  artist's proof 3/3, 30" x 18" $195 unframed

564-009 Eric Ouimet "Top Drawer" screen print on paper,  ed. 8/14, 30" x 18" $195 unframed

564-010 Eric Ouimet "269 Main" screen print on paper,  ed. 13/16, 30" x 18" $195 unframed

564-001 Eric Ouimet "A New Day" screen print on paper, ed. 6/16, 18" x 18" $225 unframed

564-0011 Eric Ouimet "Spiral Sanctuary" screen print on paper,  ed. 6/16, 30" x 18" $250 unframed

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