Monday, September 14, 2020

New Work by Maca Suazo

Five gorgeous new works were brought in yesterday afternoon my Maca Suazo, all inspired by beautiful stories & poetry. We love!

448-094 | Maca Suazo, There Are Men Half Fish, Half Wind. There Are Others Made of Wateroil on canvas, 36"x18". $800

448-095 | Maca Suazo, Above the Bed of the Hopeless Scholar, A Jar Overflowing with Questionsoil on canvas, 20"x20". $400

448-096 | Maca Suazo, Ode to the Artichokeoil on canvas, 40"x60". $2600

448-097 | Maca Suazo, A Mule Bent Over the Weight of Student Essaysoil on canvas, 20"x20". $400

448-093 | Maca Suazo, I Saw a Street Sweeper Praying, His Forehead on a Melon Rind, oil on canvas, 8"x16". $220

To view more works by Maca Suazo as well as our other artists, please visit

1 comment:

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