Saturday, June 20, 2020

Adding Personality to your Home Office

As times are changing and working remotely is becoming the new norm, personalizing home offices is a big project on many people’s lists. An office should be a serene space where you can relax & focus but also feel motivated & energized.
Painting by Kaitlin Johnson
Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment for you to browse and find works that speak to you that also tie in well to your spaces. We offer an approval process where you can take works home to try, and can even digitally superimpose them right on to your wall if you provide us with photos & measurements.
Painting by Beverley Hawksley
Painting on left by Christian McLeod, photograph on right by Paul Eekhoff
We have a full online catalogue of available works to browse at, and we're open 7 days a week if you prefer to browse in person.
Painting by Gina Sarro
Painting by Donna Andreychuk
Painting by Tracy Bultje
Please contact us for more ways we can help you in creating a beautiful workspace.

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