Friday, March 8, 2019

Happy International Women's Day!

On this beautiful sunny morning in Toronto, Canvas Gallery would like to honour our women artists. We have assembled a series of 10 photos with all 57 Canvas women artists that presently have work in the gallery. They are very diverse group in their mediums and styles, but all of them are amazingly strong, professional and of course, creative. A number of these artists have formed lasting bonds through meeting in this gallery, and now cheer on and support each other throughout their artistic journeys.

Artists featured: Celeste Keller, Heather Millar, Frances Hahn, Claire Desjardins, Sherri Rogers, Linelle LeMoine, Maca Suazo, Susan Wallis, Eleanor Lowden, Florence Victor & Marina Nazarova

Artists featured: Nicole Allen, Kate Domina, Beverley Hawksley, Susan Gale, Andrea Ross, Annette Kraft van Ermel, Sheila Davis, Dana Cowie, Isabelle Trudel-Benoit & Donna Andreychuk

Artists featured: Sarah Martin, Tanya Kirouac, Sherry Czekus, Taralee Guild, Gabriella Collier, Valerie Ryan &  Tammy Ratcliff

Artists featured: Lori Mirabelli, Lucie Leduc, Stephanie Rivet, Kaitlin Johnson, Galen Felde, CM Johnson & C. Adele Gillis

Artists featured: Judy Arsenault, Adriyanna Zmmerman, Rina Gottesman, Meredith Bingham, Angela To, Michelle Purchase, Nina Cherney & Geraldine Gillingham

Artists featured: Amy Dryer, Margaret Glew, Justina Smith, Megan D'Arcy, Nancy De Boni & Delee Decap, 

Artists featured: Sharon Barr, Roz Hermant, Charlene Serdan, Margo James, Jacqueline Siklos, Kim Rempel & Tracy Bultje

Artists featured: Sarah Hillock, Stephanie Fehrenbach, Andrea Soos & Vanessa Cornell

Artists featured: Elsha Leventis, Kari Serrao, Frances Hahn & Heather Millar

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