Sunday, September 9, 2018

New Work by Susan Wallis

Into the woods with these nine new encaustic paintings beautifully framed, fresh in from Susan Wallis's latest series.

 Like many little girls of my generation , I grew up reading  the  classic fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”.  

Through this series I explore the evolution of the young “little red”. From the naïve girl skipping through the woods to Grandma’s house with basket in hand, to the  adolescent “little red” shown in moments  of  reflection and hesitation in anticipation of the  arrival of  'the wolf'.    The final paintings depict  “little red” as  the mature woman dressed in a  long red flowing  cloak,  who instead of being the pursued appears to be the pursuer.  She is depicted racing into the woods with the confidence and  experience of one who has met, conquered and exposed both her internal and external  'wolf'.  All this is set in the Canadian landscape that alternates between both a supporting and lead role in this tale of self discovery.

-Susan Wallis

263-256 | Susan WallisOn the Threshold, 
encaustic on panel, 12"x12". $485 framed

263-251 | Susan WallisThe Woods, 
encaustic on panel, 34"x69". $4400 framed

263-252 | Susan WallisWalking Alone, 
encaustic on panel, 10"x10". $450 framed

263-253 | Susan WallisLost in Thought, 
encaustic on panel, 10"x10". $450 framed

263-254 | Susan WallisThe Deliberation, 
encaustic on panel, 48"x24". $2400 framed

263-255 | Susan WallisIn Passing, 
encaustic on panel, 12"x12". $485 framed

263-257 | Susan WallisBeware the Wolf, 
encaustic on panel, 6"x48". $1400 framed

263-258 | Susan Wallis Under Indecisive Skies, 
encaustic on panel, 6"x48". $1400 framed

263-259 | Susan WallisMeeting by Moonlight, 
encaustic on panel, 36"x30". $2300 framed

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