Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Work by Sheila Davis

Sheila Davis dropped by this afternoon with five fabulous new landscapes, one of which is a large diptych.

350-225 | Sheila Davis, A Milne's Air View, oil on panel, 36"x48". $2600

350-226 | Sheila Davis, Ezekiel's Wheel, oil on panel, 40"x72". $4300 (diptych on two panels, can also be purchased as singles)

350-227| Sheila Davis, Lemon Tell You A Thing or Two, oil on panel, 30"x30". $1400

350-228 | Sheila Davis, Lose Yourself, oil on panel, 40"x48". $2900

350-229 | Sheila Davis, Pomp & Circumstance, oil on panel, 30"x30". $1400

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