Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gorgeous Landscapes in from Nina Cherney

Seven fantastic new paintings have arrived from Montreal artist Nina Cherney.

475-037 | Nina CherneyContentment on the 6th Range, oil on canvas, 30"x72". $3870 framed

475-038 | Nina CherneyDiscovery on the 7th Range, oil on canvas, 48"x48". $3700 framed

475-039 | Nina CherneyFeast of Fall, oil on canvas, 36"x60". $3700 framed

475-040 | Nina CherneyFortune Favours the Bold, oil on canvas, 40"x40". $3100 framed

475-041 | Nina CherneyKaleidoscope of Nature, oil on canvas, 48"x48". $3700 framed

475-042 | Nina CherneySerenade on the 6th Range, oil on canvas, 40"x60". $3800 framed

475-043 | Nina CherneyThe Bounty of Spring, oil on canvas, 30"x72". $3870 framed

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