Friday, October 11, 2013

Sunny Landscapes from Sheila Davis

We love these latest panels from the studio of  Beaverton artist Sheila Davis.

350-148 Sheila Davis, "All That I know is This", oil on panel, 43"x43", $2700  unframed

350-149 Sheila Davis, "A Lift of Spirit", oil on panel, 48"x60, $3900 unframed

350-150 Sheila Davis, "Dancing with Light", oil on panel, 40"x60", $3200  unframed

350-151 Sheila Davis, "Weighted Limb wtih Cool Breath", oil on panel, 48"x48", $3200  unframed

350-152 Sheila Davis, "Sun Spackled", oil on panel, 48"x60", $3900 unframed

350-153 Sheila Davis, "I Dreamt You Were Here", oil on panel, 36"x60", $3100  unframed

350-154 Sheila Davis, "Basking in Your Light", oil on panel, 36"x60", $3100  unframed

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