Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seven Spectacular New Paintings from Sharon Barr

This just in; artist Sharon Barr brings us some gorgeous new works.

Sharon's large scale acrylic on canvas paintings concentrate on interpreting the passionate energy of the urban landscape that surrounds her. Large immediate brush strokes and a bold sense of colour facilitate the portrayal of these fleeting images.

"Wave", oil on canvas, 40"x40", $2300

"Purple Moon", oil on canvas, 40"x40", $2300

"Secret", oil on canvas, 48"x55", $3700

"Cliff Shadows", oil on canvas, 36"x72", $3700

"Pond and Dragonfly", oil on canvas, 48"x55", $3700

"Passionate Gardener I", oil on canvas, 30"x80", $3400

"Passionate Gardener II", oil on canvas, 30"x80", $3400

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